Sarah's Story

"What a dear dear place. May it be a blessing to all who come upon it."

Amazing for walking, riding bikes
April 16, 2018 honestoak

3 Bains Court will forever be a sacred space held deep within my soul.  I vividly remember the very first time I drove up to the property.  The Lord had given me the scripture of Isaiah 61:3 over the Combs boys, and as I drove up to the gate that summer’s night, I was met with those very words carved in stone at its entrance…”They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor.” I remember weaving through the canopy of oak trees that led to a house which reminded me of a fairy tale…it seemed so massive, and yet there was something magical about it that made me feel as if I had known it all my life.  Its presence was majestic, whimsical, and charming.  The sound of waterfalls cascading from the rock features in the pool area and running streams were exotic and soothing.  Copper gutters and patina colored turrets covered the outside of the home with ornate stained glass windows and glass colored lightening rods shimmering in the light of the lantern fixtures.  Stone covered pathways lead to unending nooks in this cozy wonderland tucked within the trees of Argyle.

The screened in porch area is endearing.  It allows for entertaining outside by the light of the moon, the view of the stars, sounds of laughter in the pool, and the oneness with nature that can be felt as friends and family gather round the table- (with the convenience of being near the kitchen and NO BUGS!) The porches of this home make one feel as if they are in a cabin hidden far away- and yet I love the whistle of a distant train and the faint sounds of Friday night football (Liberty and Argyle are two elite schools both with highly sought after academic and athletic accolades.

The barn and west side portico leading down into the field are a few of my most treasured atmospheres on the planet.  These spaces have held gatherings that stand alone in beauty and uniqueness.  Sunsets pouring through the trees makes the field look like liquid gold.  I love to sit around the stone fireplace, with a gigantic mantle that has seen so many wonderful seasons with loved ones in its midst, and the leaf imprinted concrete that makes one feel as if they never left the woods.  It reminds me of Thoreau’s quote, “…I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately…’ (and may I add, also be able to pop over to good shopping, pro sporting events, and close to the airport for more adventuring!)

As a designer, I am amazed how such a pristine  property with so many architectural and intricate design elements can also embody such a personal and welcoming atmosphere that enables anyone who enters through its doors to feel like they are “home”.

The lane that connects the Cottage to the “big house” is amazing for walking, riding bikes and scooters, pushing strollers, or even golf carting guests at events. When people reach the Barn area, there seems to be a big sigh of wonderment that settles in…I love that moment…not for the sake of showing people what a big beautiful place they’ve entered into, but for the experience they are about to embark upon as this sacred ground makes a lasting impression on their hearts.  It has marked me for eternity, and I will never be the same after knowing it.  I look forward to passing the torch of this special friend to the next family that I trust will love and take care of it as the Combs have for the time they have been entrusted with it.  What a dear dear place. May it be a blessing to all who come upon it.