It’s perfect for outdoor gatherings
April 16, 2018 honestoak
Volleyball Court

1. What are your favorite places in the home or on the property and why? I have many places in the house and on the property I love for varying reasons. Depending on the mood or season or event this place has provided something special for all of them respectively. The barn porch on the west side and fireplace is my favorite spot in fall and winter because of the scene at sunset and of course it was where my wife and I were married. We make it a point to return to that altar and speak our vows every November.

The screened in dining and grill porch next to the pool is another favorite place. It’s perfect for outdoor gatherings around the table and is our birthday celebration location of choice.

The volleyball court in Spring time is amazing because of the perfect Texas weather and pristine soft white sand. Those unable to play pull up rockers on the side court and those to young to play build sand creatures in the corners.

The attached apartment because it provides a safe haven for guests to be close but not too close 😉

The cottage up front because it is a piece of history being the original homestead property with original hardwood floors adding a bit of history to the property. To me that’s unique as many would have just torn it down instead of restoring and improving it. It shows that every owner of this place has cared for the property as a whole.

2. What makes you most happy about living in or visiting the home? Having enough room for all family and friends to gather and feel at home. It’s one of the lost incredibly unique places in that it is an upscale home but always feels comfortable to guests.

3. What are your favorite features of your home and property? Answered in #1 mostly but how about smaller scale things. Walk in pantry, copper features on roof, wooden log mantles

4. What makes your home/property unique/special? Same answer as #2

5. How does your home/property enhance your life? By allowing the benefit of being close to family but separated enough to allow independent living spaces.

6. How does your home make entertaining easy? The number of choices for great gathering spaces for groups of any size. It doesn’t matter if it’s 2 or 200, there are amazing options.

7. What is convenient about the home/property? It’s close enough to main roads to easily get around but far enough to not be caught up in the hustle. 4 completely independent living spaces is extremely convenient.

8. What are your favorite rooms and/or areas of the home/property? Answered in #1

9. What do visitors find most impressive about your home/property? The architecture and the design of the main house is typically what others find most impressive but also the fact that it is so impressive to wow you but somehow still feels like a home you can sit and stay a while…or indefinitely.