SO roomy, yet SO inviting and cozy
April 16, 2018 honestoak

1. Favorite places in the home: Living and kitchen area because this is where most of the more frequent gathering and interacting takes place; Dining area and screened in grill porch with doors open between them, in all but winter time, because this is where most of the special family meal gatherings and interacting take place and the open air feeling is really refreshing and invigorating;
Favorite places on the property: Barn portico on west end of barn around fireplace because of the warmth and beauty, peacefulness and awesome sunsets, as well as a place for outdoor gatherings—love it!; Back yard & sand Volleyball court because of all the fun with kids and grandkids, day or night, on the sport court, VB court, trampoline & s’mores around the fire pit!;

2. Most happy about living/visiting this home: SO roomy, yet SO inviting and cozy; PLENTY of room and accommodations for small AND large gatherings; The simple but aesthetically appealing features of the inside décor AND the lush and plentiful outdoor landscaping; Makes family and guests feel at home and provides something for every taste and desired activity.

3. Favorite features of the home and property: The “wrap around” nature/design of the living space and activity space, i.e., the pool, guest apartment, game & exercise room, living room, screened porch & dining room, bedroom gazebo area and the balcony over the pool area connected to two of the upstairs bedrooms and sitting room; Plenty of sunset viewing areas: Cigar porch and front porch, barn portico and loft balcony; Space for both animals and people to enjoy in field around pond.

4. Unique and special: Guest/foreman’s house at front of property; loft/studio apartment above barn; connected but separate “mother-in-law” apartment; combination of nice “mud free” pavement and grass areas as well as ruggedly beautiful agricultural area; both entry and exit remote control gates; excellent mix of coziness and peaceful elegance along with and inviting roominess for large and small gatherings.

5. How it enhances our lives: Don’t have to go somewhere else to have that “this is such an incredible, enjoyable, peaceful and fun-filled place to be” feeling; a great feeling to have a place that people want to come to and enjoy so much when they are here; gives us the opportunity to bless others by sharing it with them through gatherings and events.

6. Entertaining made easy: Plenty of room and amenities, inside and out, including plentiful restrooms, extra ovens, cook tops and microwaves, refrigerator/freezer spaces, plentiful cabinet and storage spaces, game room, theater room, plentiful television spaces and a great sound system inside and out.

7. Convenience: Great location that feels like being in the country but close to schools, stores, entertainment areas, airports, police and fire stations, etc.; plenty of room for food and supplies storage to avoid extra trips to the store.

8. Favorite rooms/places: See number one

9. What visitors find most impressive: The sprawling, flowing beauty of both the house and barn areas in conjunction with the oak trees, landscaping, fencing and water areas/features; the intricate detail of the interior with antique and unique columns, corbels, stain glass and trim features throughout.